What We Believe

The Bible is the Word of God supernaturally inspired and preserved by Him.

The God of the Bible created everything from nothing. Man is the most special creation of God not derived from other creations of God.

We were meant to have an eternal loving relationship with God but from the first man on earth, all men sin against God by not loving Him and by going against His laws.

Because of men’s sin, this world and our lives are not all that God meant it to be.

God Himself became a man ( the Christmas story) in order to let Himself be killed as a payment for our sin. Jesus was a substitute sacrifice for us.

Three days after His crucifixion, Jesus rose from the dead (the Easter story). This historically proved He is God and confirmed that forgiveness of sin and new life would be given to those who trust in Jesus.

A more thorough listing of our Articles of Faith are available in the office of the church.

Who We Are

Mission . . .

We want to obey Jesus’ two great instructions: Love God because He loves us. And then, go and love others in order that they obey Jesus too.


Vision . . .

We continually commit ourselves to reach people in the Upper Perkiomen Valley with the Gospel by dedicating ourselves to prayer and determining to love people into the Kingdom with vibrant worship, relevant teaching from God’s Word & meeting people’s needs.



Leadership . . .

The church is overseen and pastored by elders. One of the elders is the “pastor” of the church. There are others who lead in serving called deacons. Every member has a gift to minister with, both in and out of the church.

Bible Fellowship Church

The Bible Fellowship Church is a fellowship of local churches, centered upon the Word of God, and committed to reaching the lost through the transforming power of the Gospel.  Over 10,000 people gather for worship in our churches every week.  We seek to plant churches within the United States, as well as reach individuals for Jesus Christ all over the world through international missions.  Find out more about our doctrine, how to find a church, our history, our associated ministries, and much more by clicking on the links provided on this website.

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