What to Expect

So, you’d like to visit us?

We’d love to have you stop by and join us for worship! We hope you’ll find CBFC a warm, inviting place, full of people just like you. We are a group of regular folks who want to know more of God and grow as a family of believers. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to hang out and fellowship over a cup of coffee before and after our Sunday service.   


What if I’m not used to going to church? 

Not a problem. We would love to have you visit and would consider it an honor to talk to you and answer any questions you might have. You don’t have to have a “church background.” Just come, listen to the music, hear what’s being said, and see what you think. Wide promise, you won’t have to stand and say anything or sing a solo! Instead, it is our hope you will find you are among friendly people who love God and seek to love one another well.  


Where do I park? 

The parking lot is behind the building, off Bitting Alley, next to the big water tower. (See more specific directions click here)


What should I wear? 

There’s no dress code, and most people dress pretty casual on Sunday mornings. 


What are the worship services like? 

The Bible calls believers in Jesus “children of God” (John 1:12), as a result of this truth when we gather for worship we are gathering as the family of God to worship the one who has made us all family. We hope that is what you will feel when you join us, just a family gathering together. In our services we sing contemporary-style praise songs, accompanied by a praise band. You may hear a familiar old hymn now and then, too. You will also experience intentional times of corporate prayer, scripture reading, and a significant amount of time hearing God's Word preached. Pasto Mike teaches through books of the Bible and seeks to communicate in a way that is relatable and challenging us all to respond to the truth of God's Word. 


Is there a nursery?

Yes. We have a staffed nursery that’s clean and safe and is located upstairs next to the area we gather for worship.  


What about programs for kids? 

We have a lot to offer children! During the service, parents have the option of sending their children downstairs for “Junior Church” classes during the sermon time. There they will be given age-appropriate Bible teaching by experienced and gifted teachers.  On Wednesday nights, CBFC is full of children. Our children's ministry and youth ministry put a lot of effort into Wednesday night's being an important opportunity to teach students about the gospel of Jesus Christ, while having time to fellowship with their peers. We have a wide range of kids and teens from the local public schools, private schools, and from our homeschooling community.