2020 Coronavirus Updates

Greetings Community!

CBF Church Building will be closed for the duration of the PA "Stay at Home Order" in an effort to help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).  

In light of this closure, we would like to encourage everyone to worship King Jesus from their own homes on Sundays (At Least Through 5/24/20).  

Jesus is "seated at the right hand of the majesty on high" and "upholding the universe by the word of His power," (Hebrews 1:4,3) and we want to continue to worship Him through all things... Especially as a community BFC church body each Sunday.  The church was never about a building anyway right?  Its always been about people - weather in person or as we're now going to do the next few weeks (virtually).  

As such, we'd like to encourage our church body (and all welcome visitors!) to participate in the following Sunday AM schedule:

10:00am - Gather your household to begin worship

10:00-10:25am - Sing songs of Praise, Read scripture aloud together

10:30-10:55am - Tune into our Pastor, James Arcieri, on "Facebook Live" via the "CBF Church" profile account for an update and a word from the scriptures. 

10:55am - Close the home worship session in prayer and song

Please email communityredhill@verizon.net with any questions or concerns.  Also, feel free to reach out for helpful family worship tips.  May we all seek Christ more together during this time, and may His Glory be made known!

-CBFC Elders